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WiFi Router,support 802.11n

WiFi Router,support 802.11n
Product Detailed
802.11n Wifi Router,with VPN and rate of 90Mbps,wireless router: 1.Processor RT3050 2.2 MByte Flash,16 MByte SDRAM, 8x

IntroductionWG7005E11-LFis a high performance 802.11b/g+ wireless gateway with 4-portsFast Ethernet Switch for SOHO users to connect multiple PCs to the Internet viasingle DSL/Cable line. The 802.11n-lite WIRELESS GATEWAY is a 90Mbps highspeed wireless residential gateway specially designed to provide simple and costattractive Internet Access solution for both home and SOHO users.Its wireless LAN IEEE802.11b/g+, 10/100Mbps Ethernet LAN connectivity, andEthernet WAN interfaces provide users the flexibility of Internet connection. TheEthernet WAN interface is defined to link 802.11b/g+ WIRELESS GATEWAY toInternet through any xDSL or Cable modem, and this connection enabling usersto link to Internet through its built-in 10/100Mbps Ethernet LAN or WLAN (wirelessLAN) interface.Besides flexibility on LAN connectivity, 802.11b/g+ WIRELESS GATEWAY alsoprovides network security and management features for users. Network AddressTranslation (NAT), Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), advancedpacket filtering with hacker attack monitor, logging and stateful packet inspection(Firewall-SPI), Universal Plug and Play (UPnP), Dynamic DNS (DDNS), Wi-FiProtected Access (WPA), WPA2, and wireless to wire Ethernet bridging are allsupported.

Product Key feature1.WEP, WPA/WPA2 security.2.WDS3.WPS4. NAT IP sharing5. Firewall: DoS, SPI, MAC/IP Client Filtering, Hacker Attack Logging, EmailAlert, Intrusion Detection, Key Word Blocking (HTML based)6. Virtual Server/ Application Layer Gateway/ DMZ

7.Dynamic DNS8.Universal Plug and Play (UPnP)GUI based management9.Gateway features such as NAT, DHCP, and firewall. etc, to provide thecapability to construct private network.10. NTP Time Server11.Multiple Language UI

Hardware SpecificationProcessor RT3050

   MIPS 24KEc 384Mhz with 32KB I cache/16KB D cache   Embedded 2T2R 2.4G CMOS RF   Embedded 802.11n 1T1R MAC/BBP w/ MLD improvement   Embedded a 7 port Ethernet switch and a 5 port 10/100Mbps PHY   Support 16/32 bit SDR SDRAM (up to 64M bytes)

FLASH and Memory2 MByte Flash (up to 8MB Flash should be supported)16 MByte SDRAM, 8x 16Mbit (up to 32MB should be supported)

WAN Features Dynamic IPChoosing Dynamic IP mode enables WAN Ethernet port work as DHCPclient to get an IP address from service provider. The Host name is optional,but may be required by some Service Provider's.The default MAC address is set to the WAN's physical interface on theproduct. User can use MAC clone to copy the MAC address of administratorand replace the default MAC address. PPPoEUser can use PPPoE protocol RFC2516 to get dynamic IP address fromISP. You will be required to enter the PPPoE username and passwordoriginally provided by your Internet Service Provider to get a dynamic IP.There are 5 parameters that are configurable in the product.1.User name2.Password3.Service name: Some ISP will check to the service name validate theuser4.MTU. The default value is 1492 bytes, it is configurable from 1440 to14925.Idle time. There is an auto-reconnect check box to reconnect PPPoEconnection if connection is dropped. Idle time is configurable as well inthe product. Default value is 20 minutes.Static IPThe product support static assignment of the IP address netmask defaultrouter and DNS servers.Web UI allow user to setup information including IP Address, Netmask,default gateway, DNS ServersPPTPThe PPTP screen displays the IP Address, Subnet Mask and DefaultGateway. Enter the User ID and Password assigned by ISP. Enter the IdleTime Out for the Internet connection. Idle time out is the period of time forwhich the connection to the Internet is maintained during inactivity. Thedefault setting is 10 minutes.Telstra Bigpond (Australia)

DNS proxy

The product supports 2 DNS entries. If the primary DNS server does notrespond to a DNS request, a secondary DNS server is queried.User can use DHCP client to get dynamic IP address from ISP.

LAN FeaturesDHCP server for LANThe product supports Class C addresses on the LAN side. It is capable of administering253 clients. The Wireless connection is part of the LAN with up to 128 wireless clients.The user can enable or disable the DHCP server via Web UI server.The DHCP server manages IP address of the internal local network and provides the IPaddress, subnet mask, gateway address and DNS IP address to DHCP client in thenetworkLAN IP addressWeb server is supported in the product, the default IP address It is allowedto configure it in the IP pool.The product has fixed subnet mask at Class C address pool is ranged from to as default, which areallocated for DHCP client. The IP address pool is allowed to be changed by administrator

Wireless FeaturesWireless configurationTo enable wireless service, user has to select wireless working mode. There are fourmodes are defined in the router.1.802.11g only2. 802.11b only3. 802.11n only4. 11b/g/n mixed modeUser has to setup wireless network name (SSID) as an ID to allow wireless client toaccess the AP.All wireless PCs must have the same SSID setting as the Router to be able tocommunicate with the router. The configuration will be able to change the SSID to anyalphanumeric value up to 32 characters.The following characters are not allowed: & > < # any space.The default wireless channel is 11, which is at 2.467GHz. The wireless channel isconfigurable in the UI.

Available wireless channels set in hardware varies per region. Its compliant with regionalregulations.1. America 1-11 (default is 6, or Auto if driver is capable), 20/40MHz Aut2. Europe 1-13 (default is 6, or Auto if driver is capable), 20/40MHz Auto3. Australia and NZ 1-13 (default is 6, or Auto if driver is capable), 20/40MHz Auto4. Most of Asia 1-13 (default is 6, or Auto if driver is capable)5. Taiwan 1-11 (default auto), 20/40MHz Auto6. Korea 1-13 (default is 6, or Auto if driver is capable), 20MHz Only7. Japan 1-13 (default is 6, or Auto if driver is capable), 20MHz OnlySSID can be chose to broadcast to all local network clients, if user configures it to disable,client has to check APs SSID before communication.Range extension is also supported to extend wireless coverage, it can be enabled ordisabled.WDS is supported in the product, as the feature enabled, up to 4 WDS link can be set byspecifying their wireless MAC address in the MAC address table. To make WDSconnection, the same Service

802.11n Wireless Router,with VPN,WIFI ROUTER,with rate of 90Mbps

WiFi Router,support 802.11n

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